Fabulous Blast Chillers in Dubai - Blast Chillers Suppliers in Sharjah

A blast chiller is equipment that rapidly reduces the temperature of food. Blast chillers, sometimes known as blast freezers or flash freezers, are a type of blast chiller. They usually feature several shelves where food pans or sheet pans can be stored and kept at very low temperatures. Blast chilling extends the shelf life of food, reducing food waste in your restaurant. This enables restaurants to blast chill food, thaw it, and then serve it at fresh quality. Al Diwan is the leading supplier and producer of blast chillers in Dubai, Sharjah, and the United Arab Emirates.
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Blast Chiller Model DF10L

Blast Chiller 10 Trays . Production per cycle: 42 kg/cycle from +90 to +3 °Cand 25 kg/cycle from +90 to -18°C. Tray size GN 1/1 10. AISI 304 stai..

Blast Chiller Model DF41M

Blast Chiller 5 Trays. Production per cycle: 15 kg/cycle from +90 to +3 °Cand 8 kg/cycle from +90 to -18°C. Tray size GN 1/1 5. AISI 304 stainless ste..

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