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Gas Cooker Model DI-HP36-M

Gas Cooker- 6 Burner Gas Range- Top plate thickness 1.22mm- Weight: 63 Kg- Power: 150000 BTU/H - Dimension: 915x 738x 330 mm- All Stainless ..

Gas Cooker Model DI-R36

Gas Cooker- 6 Burner Gas Range on gas oven - Temperature 100  ~ 320 °c- Power: 210000 BTU/H - Weight: 213Kg- Dimension: 914x 797x ..

Gas Cooker Model EM 90/80 CFG

The Gas Cooker Model EM 90/80 CFG has the following features: two gas burners of 10 kW and 10 kW, one gas oven of 8 kW, and total power of 44 kW. The ..

Gas Cooker Model EM 90/120 CFGG

One of the most popular brands in the market, this gas cooker Dubai Model EM 90/120 CFGG is one of its best sellers! It features 6 burners and a gas o..

Gas Cooker Model EM 90/160 CFG

our gas cooker Dubai can cook up to 2,00 kW of food at once and is heavy-duty and durable, making it perfect for commercial kitchens. It's the most po..

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