Effortless Cleaning Efficiency: Discover Advanced Dishwashers for Sparkling Results in Dubai, Sharjah, and UAE

Streamline Operations: Commercial Dishwashers for Unmatched Efficiency in Dubai, Sharjah, and UAE. Embrace the power of high-capacity dishwashing machines engineered to tackle the demands of busy establishments. Whether it's a restaurant, hotel, or any commercial environment, our reliable appliances effortlessly optimize operations, delivering rapid and thorough cleaning results. Experience enhanced productivity and impeccable hygiene with our range of commercial dishwashers, meticulously manufactured to excel in performance. Discover the ultimate dishwashing solution in Dubai and throughout UAE, exclusively provided by our trusted brand.
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Rack Conveyor Dish Washer with Dryer Model AR1200EDX-ASC

Rack conveyor dish washer with Dryer.. Production: up to 73 baskets / hour.. Basket size: 500 x 500 mm.. Tank capacity: 65 Lt./ boiler . total power: ..

Dish Washer Model HT50

Dish Washer. . cap: 1200 plate / hour.. production: 60/30/20 baskets / hour.. cycle times: 60/120/180 sec.. basket size: 500 x 500 mm.. total pow..

Dish Washer Model DW50DT

Dish Washer.. production: 40/20/30 baskets / hour.. cycle times: 90/120/180 sec.. basket size: 500 x 500 mm.. total power: 230 v / 50 hz / 3.65 kw.. d..

Dish Washer Model GW42

Dish Washer.. production: 20/30 baskets / hour.. cycle times: 120/180 sec.. clearance: 280 mm. basket size: 400 x 400 mm.. total power: 230 v / 50 hz ..

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