Quality Gas Customized Equipment in Dubai - Gas Customized Equipment Suppliers in Sharjah

In Dubai, Al Diwan is the greatest gas equipment, producer. Our goal is to give our customers the greatest equipment possible, and your pleasure is our first priority. We create the greatest gas-tailored equipment for both residential and commercial applications. Chinese cooker, gas cooker, saj bread, gas falafel fryer, and gas tandoor oven are some of our most popular gas customized items.
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Chinese cooker.. under shelf.. 3 high pressure wok range.. back splash 400 mm.. 1 Chinese water tap.. 3 hight pressure gas valves with 3 pilot lights...

Gas Cooker AL DIWAN Made

Gas Cooker.. under shelf.. 3 high pressure range high flame. . 3 high pressure gas valves.. 3 grease collection trays.. top: 1.2 mm thickness.&nb..


Bread Saj. . under stand. gas operated.. Saj diameter: Ǿ 650 mm.. construction scotch bright finish 18/10 AISI304.. dim: Ǿ 700 x h 800 mm.AL Diwa..

Gas Falafel Fryer AL DIWAN Made

Gas Falafel Fryer.. table top.. bowl dim: 400 x 400 x 100 mm.. movable & high pressure gas burner.. outlet oil valve.. construction scotch bright ..

Gas Tandoor Oven AL DIWAN

Gas Tandoor Oven.. stainless steel body. marble top.. clay size: 370 x 620 mm.. gas type: high pressure.. construction scotch bright finish  304...

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