Superior Quality Laundary Equipment in Dubai - Commercial Washing Machine in Sharjah, UAE

Laundry equipment is the most common piece of machinery that people use daily. The washing machine is the most significant piece of laundry equipment. There are many different washing machines on the market throughout the UAE, but the most important thing to keep in mind when buying one is that it should be easy to use rather than fancy. The dryer is the most commonly used piece of equipment after washing machines. Automatic dryers have made life easier for everyone. The flatwork ironer is the best invention in the world of laundry. Hanging machines and steam presses have made our jobs easier, and Al Diwan offers the highest-quality laundry equipment in Dubai for both industrial and domestic use. We don't cut corners when it comes to customer satisfaction and care, and we offer the best laundry equipment in Dubai, and all across UAE.
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Washing Machine Model RC 23

Washing Machine.. load capacity: 23 kg. . electric operated low spin.. inverter standard with 6 stored programs.. consumptions hot water: 499 lt...

Dry Cleaning Machine Model PROGRESS 30 CLUB 4U

Dry Cleaning Machine.. load capacity:  11/12 kg. . drum diameter: 725 mm.   . drum depth: 533 mm.  . drum volume: 220 dm..

Washing Machine Model ES 23

Washing Machine.. load capacity: 23 kg. . electric operated low spin.. inverter standard with 6 stored programs.. consumptions hot water: 499 lt...

Tumble Dryer Model EDS 23

Tumble Dryer.. load capacity: 23 kg. . heating: electric.. electromechanical control panel.. power: 3+n / 400 v / 50 hz / 12 kw / 17.3 amp. ..

Tumble Dryer Model T-35

Tumble Dryer.. load capacity: 18 kg.. heating: electric.. power: cylinder(0.50kw) fan(0.5kw) heating(24kw).. total power: 380 v / 50 hz / 25 kw.. dim:..

Tumble Dryer Model T-110

Tumble Dryer.. load capacity: 50 kg.. heating: electric.. power: cylinder(0.75kw) fan(1.5kw) heating(40.5kw).. total power: 380 v / 50 hz / 42.75 kw....

Flatwork Ironer Model FI2000/33

Flatwork Ironer.. cylinder length: 2000 mm. . cylinder diameter :  330 mm.. production: 60 kg / h.. heating power: 13.5 kw.. dim: 2512 x 720..

Flatwork Ironer Model FI1500/25

Flatwork Ironer.. cylinder length: 1500 mm. . cylinder diameter : ? 250 mm.. heating element: 3 x 2500 w.. heating power: 7.5 kw.. dim: 2012 x 72..

Cold Spotting Table Model EC-76A

Cold Spotting Table.. with vacuum unit. stainless steel buck.. vacuum chamber and sleeve buck. complete with two spotting guns.. tanks and drying gun...

Electric Ironing Table Model PVT38S

Electric Ironing Table . boiler cap: 8 lt.. vacuum table electrically heated . built-in steam generator.. power: 400 v / 50 hz / 6 kw.. dim:..

Steam Press Model BLX090-AUT

Steam Press.. head with steaming. . buck with vacuum and steaming.. adjustable pressing pressure.  . dim: 1700 x 1350 x 1800 mm.BX CO-9..

Electric Form Finisher Model QAD 2

Electric Form Finisher . built-in electric steam generator capacity 20 lt.. body rotating 360, height 127 cm.. power: 3n / 415 v / 50 hz / 7.5 kw..

Hanging Machine Model I-CONV 300

Hanging machine with movement.. straight conveyer.. 200 slots.. automatic moving.. power: 230 v / 50 hz / 500 w.. dim: 2990 x 7020 x 2070 mm.I-CONV 30..

Wall Garment Packing Machine Model ZLIMB 2

Wall Garment Packing Machine.. wall mounted. . production: 60 pcs / h.. max bagging width 630 mm.. max bagging length 1500 mm.. power: 230 v /&nb..

Portable Steam Generator Model MINI 45

Portable Steam Generator.. boiler cap: 3.8 lt.. power: 220 v /  50 hz / 2.25 kw. . maximum steam temperature: 140 c.. dim: 260 x 350 x 360 m..

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